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Gibis Informationsdesign is the venture of german based Dipl. Informationsdesigner Michael Gibis.
Michael Gibis situated in Karlsruhe was born and raised at Lake Constance, Germany. 1999-2000 Attended Johannes Gutenberg Schule, Stuttgart. 2000-2002 Apprenticeship as Media Designer (Mediengestalter Fachrichtung Design) at Lacon Corporate Design Management, Langenargen. 2005 Graduated from Schule für Gestaltung, Ravensburg. Final thesis advised by Rolf Müller, München. 2005-2008 Worked with Design agencies in southern Germany. 2008-2009 Overseas. experimental and personal projects. From 2010 Freelance work and startup of Gibis Informationsdesign in Karlsruhe.

michael gibis


At Gibis Informationsdesign our passion is to create good graphic design that works. So what do we create?
Logos and Corporate Design, stationery, brochures, books, packaging, websites, illustrations, photography, exhibition material. We focus on elaborate design concepts, typographical quality and love for details.
Multi disciplinary projects including moving images, coding and photography are realised in a collaboration with a close network.


At Gibis Informationsdesign we like to listen and learn before we act. We love to collect and discover the smallest snippets and details sensitively. We combine those details to form and create something unique that sticks to the mind and amplifies your message with originality, character and style. What keeps us motivated is the inexhaustible creativity, the joy in our work and the will to create good design.